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Chieftess Tigerstar

GENDER: female

AGE: 164

HEIGHT: 3'10"

HAIR: red

EYES: green

Tigerstar is a relatively young chieftess. She became chieftess when her parents and older brother were killed in a cave-in, along with a vast majority of the tribe. The tribe had been celebrating the return of spring with a ritual mating dance in a cave near the Holt. Her leadership has been

Tigerstar wears a loose green top and leather breeches with boots. She has a dagger on right hip and a short sword strapped to her left leg. She rides a golden wolf named Dreamer.

Tigerstar is Recognized to Kalem, although they did not realize that they had Recognized until their cub was almost due. When they had Recognized, they both denied it, but gave into Recognitions demands that a cub be created. This was accomplished with the aid of Kalem's previous Recognized mate, Tiera. (For full details see Wingblade, Shadows of the Past and Tiera's Legacy)

Tigerstar is now the mother of a new cub, Amethyst. Tigerstar nearly died during childbirth. She was approached by her dead brother's spirit during labor. He gave her the choice to join him and their parents or stay with the tribe as chieftess. Kalem fought hard for her to remain, and with Wildberry's aid, he succeeded. As a result of the spirit battle, baby Amethyst was born with exceptional sending abilities. It is suspected that the cub harbors more magic, but they are not revealed at this point.